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who is charlie joe jackson?

charlie joe jackson — the hero of CHARLIE JOE JACKSON’S GUIDE TO NOT READING – is actually three people.

charlie, joe and jack.

my three sons (cue theme song).

over the years, i’ve struggled to get all three of them to read. especially jack, my youngest, who would rather stare at a blank wall then actually open a book. so one day i said to myself: what would be the one book that they would actually WANT to read? i decided it had to be a book about how to avoid books.

thus, was charlie joe jackson — perhaps the most reluctant reader ever born – created.

but of course, my kids were true to form – they refused to read it. at first. i begged and pleaded… nothing. finally, when i told them that i named the main character after them, they agreed to read it. and they actually really liked it.

but they haven’t read a book since.


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