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We’re back!

After a year’s hiatus, it’s time for another Utz/Greenwald letter, mainly because we accomplished so much this year that it seemed a shame not to tell everyone about it.

Charlie just turned 17, and is doing very well. He returned to Staples High School after a year at Fairfield Prep, and was surprised and gratified to receive a pep rally and an indoor parade at Staples on his first day back. Prep, meanwhile, closed down for a week and hired therapists to help the students absorb the loss. Charlie’s interests continue to be theater, television production, and aerodynamic heating, which is the heating of a solid body produced by the passage of fluid over a body such as a meteor, missile or airplane. He’s doing extremely well at all three.

Joe, on the verge of 16, is desperate to drive. We didn’t want him learning on the Ferrari, so after some intense negotiations, we finally decided to give him the Porsche. Of course, we made him promise not to try and back into the garage! He’s struggling a bit in his honors classes – English, history, math, Spanish, Latin, science and knitting – with only two A+’s, four A’s and one A-. And he’s still quite absent-minded. Just last week he made dinner dates with his four girlfriends on the same night! That got pretty awkward at the country club, let me tell you.

Jack is 14 and still King of the Hill. He has so many friends that we’ve had to hire Ann Stock, former Social Secretary in the Clinton White House, to help manage his calendar. (She says that aside from the whole impeachment thing, this is a much harder job!) Jack is also enjoying his new IPhone 6 – and feels cool showing it to his friends, since it is still in the testing phase, and he has one of only 22 actual phones that have been made available to the public. He particularly likes the feature that does his reading and writes his papers for him, while he plays FIFA ’11 on XBox.

Our dogs, Moose and Coco, are amazing. They contribute to the household in ways that go far beyond just being pets. Moose is 10 and cooks dinner for the family three nights a week. Coco is 5 and shoveled the driveway after the big blizzard.

Cathy and Tommy continue to be incredibly busy at their various jobs and activities.
Cathy’s therapy practice is thriving, and she’s just opened offices in Tempe, Canton, Portland (OR) and Santiago. Tommy is now writing children’s books and senior citizens’ books. He wants to get them coming and going. The other big news this year is that after some intense negotiations, we’ve purchased the entire south wing of the brand-new Ocean House Hotel in Watch Hill, RI. Come on up and visit us sometime – it’s the best vacation spot on earth! See our website for rates and availability.

Peace and love to you and yours.


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