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Day Job

So last night my day job was my night job as i went to the tonys to celebrate the best of broadway 2010-2011… the show was great but it was HOT in there and i was suffering in my tux… you can bet i ripped off that clip-on bowtie at 11:03pm. the afterparties were a lot of fun, i may have had one too many screwdrivers, but i did manage to find my way to mcdonalds at 230 in the morning for a nightcap double cheeseburger, which was delish!

sometimes i complain about my job (who doesn’t), sometimes i fantasize about my books selling millions so i don’t have to have a day job (who doesn’t), but in reality, who’s luckier than me? not only do i get to write children’s stories, i have a job that i genuinely enjoy, with colleagues i genuinely like, and an office that has a genuine window. i got lucky, i know that much.

and congrats to all the winners! but mostly the spotco winners. tg


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