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This is The Good Part

So I’m starting to get awesome emails from parents, teachers, librarians, and educators who have read CJJ.

But i have to say — no offense to the above people — the best comments are from the kids. Of course.

Here’s one from a boy named Jake:

It is the last Saturday of summer and I just finished your book.  We are in the house waiting for huricane Irene to hit our state.  I do not like to read.  Your book was my moms idea.  I didn’t want to admit it but I really liked the book.  Some nights I kept asking for just one more chapter before bed but I would ask until mom would ready me about 10 more chapters. I had a big surgery this summer and I was stuck inside for a lot of my vacation.  Your book helped keep me company while I got better.  Thanks.  I am still not looking forward to reading school stuff this Monday but I guess I will have to.  Thanks!

Jake – thank YOU! And if you’re out there, i tried to send you an email, but it bounced back. So contact me again, because i want to send you some bookmarks!

That goes for everyone else, too – if you send me a note telling me what you thought of the book, i’ll send you back some signed bookmarks. Sadly, signed by me, not J.K Rowling. But still –  better than nothin’, right?

Your pal,

Tommy (no power in our house for probably a week or more, thank you Irene) Greenwald


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