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News And Reviews

I guess it’s time for a little blogkeeping, meaning, I should probably do things like take my July 13, 2011 Barnes & Noble signing off my “Upcoming Appearances” page.

I’m going to get to that soon, but in the meantime, here are some updates on reviews and appearances and stuff. I’m only linking good reviews, btw. To read the bad reviews, please go to


I’ve gotten some swell ones lately. The estimable Betsy Bird of The New York Public library weighs in here:

And other bloggers, who happen to be geniuses, weigh in here, here and here.

And finally… Read Kiddo Read, James Patterson’s I-made-a-zillion-so-I’m-giving-back-to-the-lit-community website, was really nice to CJJ here.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about the people who want to talk to me.


Some fun stuff coming up.

Oct 16 – I’ll be at the fabulous Joan Kindig’s house for a reading, signing and noshing.

Oct 17 – Politics and Prose Bookstore in Wash. D.C., 10:30 a.m, to read, sign and talk about the debt ceiling.

Nov 16-17 – Heading to FLA for the Miami Book Fair. The tentative plan is to skip my readings and signings in order to lie on the beach. I should probably run that by my publisher.

November 18-20. In Chicago to speak at the NCTE, which unfortunately does not stand for the National Cupcake Tasting Expo.

See you there! No, seriously, would it kill you to come?



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