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We Have A Winner!

The dogs have spoken.

Or more accurately, they have eaten.

And the winner of the signed galley of CHARLIE JOE JACKSON’S GUIDE TO EXTRA CREDIT is…


Kyle, please contact me with your address.

Click here to see the gripping judging process:

Thanks for playing!


-tommy g


  1. October 17th, 2011

    kyle redford


    I am laughing so hard right now! I am going to have to show my students this hysterical, albeit unscientific, method of choosing a winner. We feel so honored, AND…because we are good people, and generous people, we are going to share our class copy with the other fifth grade class who loves the book and read it as their class read aloud. I am going to go ahead and say that it is kind of like both classes won (I think your dogs must have known that).

    Thanks a bunch!
    Kyle Redford and the students in Room 22
    (thank your dogs for us too!)

    Our school address is:
    5221 Paradise Drive
    COrte Madera, CA

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