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Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide To Debating

Well, now we know what NOT to do when preparing for a debate.


That’s right. Reading is really bad for debate preparation. Did you guys see Barack Obama? It wasn’t pretty. He was fumbling all over his words. He obviously read WAY too much while studying for the debate, and he had so many facts and figures in his head that he got totally confused. If he hadn’t read anything at all, he could have thought of something to say, and then he could have said it — just like a normal person.

This is just another example of why reading is bad for you.

You know what else is bad for you?


Think about it. Obama spent the entire time writing stuff down on a pad, when he should have been looking Mitt Romney in the eye and scaring him with his death stare.

What was Obama writing, anyway?

Maybe he was jotting down possibilities for his next career, in case this whole presidency thing doesn’t work out.

So, lesson learned. Reading and writing is bad for politicians who are about to debate somebody.

You heard it here first, people.



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