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Thanks L.A. — What say you, Westport?

I’m starting to get a complex.

I just returned from a great mini-tour in California – the kids were great, the teachers were great, the library specialists were great, sold a bunch of books – all good.

I love doing school visits, and I think I’ve done about thirty of them so far – as many as I can, which isn’t that many, considering I have to take off from work. I’ve gone as far as Texas, and Florida, and Ohio, and all over the Northeast and New England (where I live).

But you know where I can’t get arrested? Westport, Connecticut.

Which is where I live.

And where I grew up.

And where Charlie, Joe and Jack go to school.

And where I went to school.

That’s right – I can’t even book a school visit at THE ELEMENTARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOLS WHICH I ATTENDED.

Weird, right? Even though school districts with smaller budgets have managed to afford my fee (which is completely reasonable, and extremely negotiable), Westport, which is a pretty rich town, can’t pull the trigger. I can’t even get people to return my phone calls. Well you know what, Westport? Who needs you? I can make my own way in this crazy school-visit world without your help.

If you don’t want to book a hometown author, then fine. You’ll regret it when I’m famous. Which will probably never happen, but still.

Santa Fe Springs thinks Charlie Joe rocks — why don’t you?







  1. February 5th, 2013

    Susan Dee

    The middle grade readers of Maine think Charlie Joe (and YOU) rock too! You can come visit us anytime!

  2. February 5th, 2013


    Yes! Santa Fe Springs does think that Charlie Joe Jackson rocks! My kids insist you are the biggest celebrity ever! The excitement alone of knowing they have a signed book is enough for a lifetime 🙂

  3. February 6th, 2013


    No worries Tommy,

    You’ll get in there at some point. That is kind of sad though. I hope if I ever get my book off the ground, my old school will let me in. Then again, I wasn’t the best student there so I might have to pay them to let me visit!

    Visit my middle school in Wisconsin next year! We’ll gladly take you in for a visit.

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