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Classical Rock

Last night it occurred to me that there’s a new classical music. It’s called rock and roll.

Let me explain: My brother, nephew and I went to see a band called Brit Floyd. As you might imagine from the name, they play the music of Pink Floyd. Led by scholar/guitarist Damian Darlington, Brit Floyd puts to rest once and for all the downscale myth of the “tribute band.”

Enjoying the show, I realized that this was the new classical music experience.┬áThese are brilliant musicians, re-creating with incredible fidelity (in every sense of the word) some of the most iconic music of the previous century. How is Yo-Yo Ma playing Bach any different from Damian Darlington playing Floyd? It’s not, really.

I will, however, say that the crowd was quite different from the kind you see at Carnegie Hall. As was the aroma in the arena.

Keep on rockin’, Brit Floyd. And you too, Yo-Yo. To check out Brit Floyd’s tour dates, click here. To check out Yo-Yo Ma’s, click here.



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