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Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide To Summer

Hi everyone, it’s me, Charlie Joe! It’s that time of year again — Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer! Here’s a brand-new list to help you enjoy this amazing, spectacular, absolutely-no-school-whatsover season.

1. Cheeseburgers taste best with a beach in front of them.

2. Popsicles are good, but fudgicles are better.

3. All long pants should be banished to the attic.

4. Eat the cotton candy and fried dough after the rollercoaster, not before.

5. “Too humid” is a perfectly legitimate excuse for not mowing the lawn.

6. Take your cell phone out of your pocket before jumping in the pool.

7. Tell your friend to take his cell phone out of his pocket before you push him in the pool.

8. If you see the principal of your school at the beach or the movies, do not scream and run away.

9. 10 am is the new 7 am.

10. Television is the best sun screen.


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