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TG and the “Little d”

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of traveling to Albany, NY to receive the Little d Award for Humor in Children’s Literature. “Little d” was Denise McCoy, a much-loved bookstore owner in the Albany area, who passed away some ten years ago.

I was incredibly honored to receive this award, but I was more honored to meet the people responsible: Denise’s family, extended family, friends and supporters, all of whom loved her, and all of whom are dedicated to sustaining her love of children’s literature by providing this enduring legacy in her memory.

We had some great meals, some good laughs (they’re a funny bunch, those McCoy/O’Brien’s), possibly a few too many drinks, and a wonderful time at the Albany Book Festival, which was full of books, kids, authors, clowns, cupcakes and smiles. I never knew Denise, but I have a sneaking suspicion she would have had a damn good time.

To Lynn, Tom and everybody whom I met up there: Thank you all! And I’ll see you soon.

Oh – and by the way – I’d never been to Albany before. It’s freakin’ GORGEOUS.




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