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Win a free signed copy of Jack Strong Takes a Stand!

Very excited that today (Sept. 24) is the official publication date of my new middle-grade novel, JACK STRONG TAKES A STAND. To celebrate, I’m giving away three signed copies of the book! To be eligible to win, all you have to do is comment on this post with the correct answer to this one question:

In the book JACK STRONG TAKES A STAND, what is Jack taking a stand against?

a) French fries
b) The color red
c) Being over-scheduled
d) Chihuahuas

This is not an easy question, so please, take your time. Good luck!


  1. September 24th, 2013

    Peyton Wilson

    being over scheduled? i love your books!!!

  2. September 24th, 2013

    Ethsan Wilson


  3. September 24th, 2013

    Charlton Wilson

    sure, i’ll go with too many french fries… no wait… the over scheduled thing…yah, c. final answer!

  4. September 24th, 2013

    Tina Kinard

    Well, you C…Jack doesn’t C the benefit of being so biz-C all the time. When a kid has not free time, he can’t C the forest for the trees. It’s e-C, the answer is…um…oh, yeah, C!

  5. September 24th, 2013


    c Being over-scheduled

  6. September 24th, 2013

    Bryan Porter

    I’m going to go with C! What’s up Mr. G?

  7. September 25th, 2013

    Grace Moran

    I aim so exited for this new book!i read the last 3 like,three gugle times?anyway I’m pretty sure that jack is standing up against (being super busy,his dad,ECT.)I love this character because he is fun,hilarious,and he’s likes Charlie joe since the beginning of summer camp.(aka. Book #3)he was just introduded but is pretty awesome.

    Instagram. #so exited!!!!!

  8. September 25th, 2013

    Grace Moran

    So wish u pick me!

  9. September 25th, 2013

    Grace Moran

    Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii will get a free book

  10. September 25th, 2013

    Grace Moran

    I’m gonna do this till u give me a free book

  11. September 25th, 2013

    Grace Moran

    Tell u will make more Charlie joe

  12. September 25th, 2013

    Grace Moran

    I put the Wrong email. Sorry!

  13. September 25th, 2013

    Arnold Wilson

    I think it is “C.”

  14. September 25th, 2013

    Une Pho.

    that ought be “c”, thanks!

  15. September 25th, 2013


    C – wish I was over scheduled – because I have lots of energy!

  16. September 26th, 2013

    Mr. D.

    The answer is “c) Being over-scheduled.”

    Looking forward to reading your next story.

  17. September 27th, 2013

    Tracy D

    Over scheduled

    Great job on Fox CT this morning!

  18. September 27th, 2013

    Monique C.

    All in! C: Being over-scheduled!

  19. September 28th, 2013

    Noah belchambers


  20. September 30th, 2013


    I think the answer is “C” over scheduled!

  21. September 30th, 2013

    Roblyn H.

    Being over-scheduled!

  22. October 1st, 2013

    Alan bettner

    I think it’s c

  23. October 2nd, 2013


    Hi I choose c I would love to read this book it sounds great.

  24. October 6th, 2013

    Grace Macnab

    Okay. I think it’s C. In my opinion it is the only sensible answer.

  25. October 6th, 2013

    Grace Macnab

    I think it is C. It is the only sensible answer.

  26. October 7th, 2013

    Une Pho.

    I’ll vote “c” again!!!

  27. October 7th, 2013

    ethan wilson

    let’s try c this time for 200 alex!

  28. October 7th, 2013

    Peyton Wilson

    hey C was my answer copycat…DADDDDDDDDDDD

  29. October 12th, 2013


    C being overscheduled

  30. October 24th, 2013


    Hi, I love your books. I think the answer is C.IT took me forever to figure it out :). I think your next book should be about taking a stand against Chihuahuas.

  31. June 26th, 2015

    Alexis Jackson

    It’s C. My answer is C because he sits on his couch and won’t git up unless his parents take something off from his over-scheduled list.
    That is my answer good luck to u all.
    Hope up like the book.

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