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CJJ5 Launch Week Special — Romance Tips!

To celebrate the release of CHARLIE JOE JACKSON’S GUIDE TO PLANET GIRL next week, the characters in Charlie Joe’s world are periodically offering romantic advice to those in need. Here’s what Pete Milano has to say.

Pete Milano’s Guide To Romance

Be Annoying!
So you’ll probably read other people’s advice on how it’s important to be all nice and kind and the sweetest person ever to the person you like.
Don’t believe it.
Because I have a secret: girls like it when you totally get on their nerves.
No, I’m serious! They do. They might say they don’t, they might tell you to get away from them or leave them alone, but secretly, they thing it’s fun. Girls like arguing. And if you act kind of like an idiot sometimes, they have a lot to argue about.
Nice guys finish last. Annoying guys finish with a girlfriend.


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