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Two Weeks Until CJJ5!



Hey, so in just two weeks, the fifth CJJ book comes out. CHARLIE JOE JACKSON’S GUIDE TO PLANET GIRL is all about Charlie Joe’s efforts to get a lady friend. Good luck with that, my friend.

In honor of the occasion, some of Charlie Joe’s best friends will be offering some romantic advice in this space over the next few weeks. The first one up to bat will be Charlie Joe’s saintly, patient mother, Take it away, Claire!


Claire Jackson’s Guide To Romance

Patience. Patience. Patience.
My husband drives me crazy. He never puts his clothes away, he lets the dogs on every bed and couch in the house, and I’m not sure if he even knows how to use the washer and dryer. But guess what? I drive him crazy too. I never answer my cell phone, I’m not all that good with punctuality, and I have been known to lock myself out of the car.
Despite all that, though, we love each other. A lot. And even though we make each other nuts sometimes, that’s part of the deal.
So here’s my advice: don’t get scared off by someone you like, just because they might have some habit that annoys you a little. Learn to be patient. It’s part of learning how to love.
But just between you and me… why can’t men ever pick up their socks?!?!?!


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