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Congratulations To The Winners!

We have a winner! Actually, five winners!

Watch here as Abby helps pick the winners of the FREE SIGNED COPIES of Crimebiters — which stars, you guessed it, ABBY!

In case you can’t open the video, or just don’t feel like watching it — we’re all busy, after all — the winners are Denise, Alicia, Tiffany, Arielle and Janet. Congrats to them — and stay tuned for another contest soon! Your pal, Tommy G


  1. November 14th, 2015

    Justin Doan

    Hey Tommy-

    Wow! I’m 0-2 in these competitions. Oh well- I’m sure going to enjoy your next book Pete Milano’s Guide to Being a Movie Star 😉

    Also- will the CJJ series ever end? (Yes, it will unless you end up not dying ever, but please don’t let it stop!!!!)

    Your Biggest Fan,

  2. November 29th, 2015

    Bobby M. or call me diamond

    well i just wanted to say i like to read and i love the cjj books and i cant wait for more of them keep on writing mr. greenwald hope u have a nice christmas and all. but just keep on thinking the next topic of the next charlie joe jackson book.
    thank you.
    your friend,
    bobby m.

  3. November 30th, 2015


    Thanks for writing Bobby M! Your pal, Tommy G

  4. November 29th, 2015

    Bobby M. or call me diamond

    and i agree with that boy justin dont ever let it stop

  5. November 29th, 2015

    Karri cummings

    Any idea when the next book in the Crome Boters series will be out? Before Christmas, I hope! I have a nine year old patiently awaiting the next book! Thank you!

  6. November 30th, 2015


    Crimebiters 2 will be out next year! In the meantime, your nine-year-old can try my Charlie Joe Jackson series. Thanks for writing!!

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