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Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide To Father’s Day

My dad’s a great guy. Except for the whole giving-me-the-complete-series-of-Mark-Twain-for-my-sixth-birthday thing. That didn’t go well. But besides that, he’s a really good person and dad.

So, in honor of James Jackson, I give you the ten best ways to show your father how much you appreciate him:

1. Let him pick the restaurant when he takes you out to dinner tonight.
2. Offer to take out the garbage. (Then hope he forgets.)
3. Make him a personal card that says “You’re the best Dad in the world!” They’re easily downloadable.
4. Tell him he looks like he lost weight.
5. When he goes to hug you, wait three to four seconds before squirming out of it.
6. Laugh at his jokes, even the not-funny ones.
7. Return that ten dollars you “borrowed” from his wallet.
8. Let him beat you at something. It can be anything from basketball to checkers. Doesn’t matter. Just let him win.
9. Tell him all your friends think he’s cool. Lie if you have to.
10. Read a book. Just kidding! Let’s not get crazy.


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