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Solid Kirkus Review for Jack Strong


Jack Strong is an ordinary kid with an extraordinary schedule who finally chooses to become a couch potato to make his point. Cello, soccer, tennis, EMT training, Chinese: Jack’s parents, especially his dad, expect him to be a well-rounded person when it becomes time to apply for college, and to this end, they are filling his days with an overload of extracurricular activities. But what Jack really wants is more time on his couch, where he can spend some quality time daydreaming. One afternoon, Jack can’t take it anymore and goes on strike; he refuses to get off the couch until his parents agree to let him quit the activities he doesn’t like to do. Publicity and hilarity ensue, which Jack finds a nice change, but soon he realizes there are greater things worth standing up for, like the very family he’s angry at. Greenwald, author of the Charlie Joe Jackson series, writes with a relaxed tone that young readers will identify with, and he touches on subjects that kids and parents alike will find relevant, capturing the conundrum of overscheduling with poignancy and humor. While a few plot points are a little far-fetched, overall the book offers a winning combination of ethics and slapstick. Drawings by Mendes are simple but effective. A cautionary tale the whole family will find amusing and enlightening.


  1. October 21st, 2013


    Guide to not reading is the funny and awesome

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