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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Hey everyone, it’s me again. Even though Thanksgiving is a totally awesome holiday, it can occasionally drive everyone crazy. So here are a few short tips to make sure you have the best time humanly possible!

1. Don’t let anyone fool you — cranberry sauce is a vegetable. Give yours to the dogs.
2. Sit at least three seats away from that annoying uncle who thinks it’s hilarious every holiday to ask you if you have a job yet.
3. If your parents say you’re driving to your relatives’ house an hour away, bring enough movies for a four-hour trip.
4. Touch football is fun, but tackle football is funner.
5. Save room for dessert.


  1. November 28th, 2013

    Robyn Harrison

    Awesome tips for surviving Thanksgiving. We don’t do Thanksgiving in Australia, but all this applies for our Christmas Day.

    PS – I love Tip #5 in CJJ’s Guide to Extra Credit – I think that applies to adults as well who are trying to impress someone at work to get that promotion.

  2. November 30th, 2013


    thanks robyn, great to hear from you all the way down there – have a great summer! (as we freeze up here)

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