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Thanks to the Westport School System

Our youngest son, Jack, is graduating from Staples today, and so it seems like a good time to express our thanks.

So thank you to the entire Westport School System, and every teacher, administrator, librarian, custodian, kitchen staff member, counselor, principal and member of the Board of Ed.

Thank you for steering our three children safely through their formative years.

Thank you for guiding them, helping them, praising them, chastising them, coaching them, directing them, comforting them and informing them.

Thank you for giving them the opportunity to run, jump, sing, dance, play, work, act, read, write, add, subtract, make friends and make strides.

Thank you for letting them join teams, casts, groups and clubs.

Thank you for letting them run around at recess, sit around at lunch and hang around during free periods.

Thank you for the kindergarten birthday parties, the eighth grade dances and the Senior Proms.

Thank you for teaching them how to respect others and think for themselves.

Thank you for returning them to us better people.

We will be forever grateful.

Cathy Utz and Tommy Greenwald


  1. June 21st, 2014

    Dan Gelman

    Thanks Cathty and Tommy, couldn’t agree with you more and couldn’t say it better. Congratulations to all our graduates of the Staples Class of 2014!!!

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