My family and I spent July 4th at the 9.11 museum in lower Manhattan.

It was an incredibly powerful and moving reminder about the horrors of that day, and the strength and spirit of our recovery.

In front of the museum, the underground fountains rush in honor the fallen. And behind, the Freedom Tower soars as a symbol of how we’ve risen again.

The museum itself is brilliant, thoughtful and artful.

The experience is in equal measure heartbreaking and healing.

But then, you exit into the city streets, 2014 – and it’s back to business as usual.

Back to who we are today.

Sniping, not soothing.

Grabbing, not giving.

Anger, not empathy.

Hostile disdain, not respectful dissent.

Gun control. Birth control. Border control.

Out of control.

Which begs the question: how can we get back to who we can be?

It shouldn’t take a tragedy for this country to reach its potential. But it may take a memorial to show us what that potential is.

So, yes.

Every American should make a point of visiting this museum, if at all possible.

Schools – take your students.
Companies – take your employees.
Parents – take your children.

You will grieve anew, yes – but you will be heartened by the heroism, strength, courage and cooperation that we are capable of.

And perhaps it can remind us all that when it comes to finding a better way, it’s now or never.

We owe it to those who perished.


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