It’s hard to be a middle anything.

Middle names are complete afterthoughts, unless you’re an actor (right, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Sarah Jessica Parker?).

Middle children have it so rough, there’s actually a name for it – “middle child syndrome,” which occurs when the middle child “feels left out and neglected.”

Even the middle finger gets a bad rap.

So it’s no wonder that for most writers – myself included — the middle of the book is the hardest section to write.

Starting a book is easy. Ending a book is harder, but manageable.

But the MIDDLE.

Oh, that ever-lovin’ middle.

So… as fate would have it, I’m working on a book right now… and guess which part I’m trying to write?

You guessed it!

Why do you think I’m procrastinating by writing this blog?

Soooo… just let me know if there’s anything you want to talk about… I got no place to be…




Fine, no more procrastinating. Back I go. Wish me luck.

Oh, wait — I forgot to tell you! Guess what kind of book it is?



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