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Writing A Series, Seriously

I just started working on the fourth Crimebiters! book.

This, after writing six Charlie Joe Jackson books, plus three CJJ spin-offs.

You’d think I’d have this series this down by now, right?

Not right.

Writing a book series is haaaaard. It presents its own unique ‘series’ of challenges. For example, you are writing a bunch of stories about characters who don’t really age… so can they change? They have to, to keep it interesting to the writer and the reader, but they can’t change that much, because they’re still the same age! See what I mean?

In the Charlie Joe series, I cheated a little bit, because the characters do actually go through middle school, and graduate by the end of the last book. But in Crimebiters!, I’m sticking to the letter of the law, and keeping the main characters pretty much right where they are, age-wise. So I had to come up with storylines that keep things hopping.

Book 1: Jimmy adopts a dog Abby, and he becomes convinced she’s a crimefighting superhero vampire dog, forms Crimebiters with his friends.

Book 2: Abby goes to obedience training, and Jimmy worries she’s losing her powers.

Book 3: Jimmy’s friend Daisy adopts a cat. Brawling ensues.

Book 4: Jimmy steps down as President of the club. A power struggle ensues.


They don’t age. But they do change, and evolve, and grow. I think.

Did I succeed?

You be the judge!



  1. April 17th, 2018


    Please continue this series! PLEASE! I love the Crimebiters series! This series is the best so far that I have read!

  2. April 17th, 2018


    Don’t end the series like Charlie Joe Jackson.

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