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Books and Stores

Last week I did a book signing at RJ Julia, a gem of a bookstore in Madison, CT.

Guess who was signing there the day after me?

That’s right, this guy:

I asked with a straight face if Bernie was expected to have a bigger crowd than me. Everybody chuckled.

It was a great event, lots of kids and fun and cupcakes and cookies. But here’s my point. So far I’ve had events at Barnes and Noble, Books Of Wonder and RJ Julia. A huge chain in a suburb, a major indie in a major city, and a beloved indie in a suburb… all very different stores with one important thing in common: they sell books.

So I’m not going to take sides in the bookseller war. I love them all. I’d do an event at Amazon if they’d have me.

Yay for booksellers.



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